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PROAIM プロアーム 9ft Wave-11 Camera Slider Jib with stand and floor dolly カメラクレーン P-Wave-11-SD

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型番 P-Wave-11-SD
獲得ポイント 2994


Still carrying different gadgets to shoot different perspectives??

No need for that anymore….Get delighted with our PROAIM Wave-11 slider jib that gives you functionality of a slider and crane without spending your dollars on both.

Sense the magic of smooth slides with swooping pans and rising crane shots whilst adding dramatism and emotion to your scene.

Allows you to Switch from sliding moves to intense crane shots in just a couple of seconds without any hassles and lets you create the desired effects where ever you go.

Provide shots from an ant’s point of view all the way up to a Giraffe’s! With a combination of swings, booms, tilts, rolls and dolly moves.

Leap ahead & Create Magic on Silver screen….

・Smart combo of slider and a jib for dynamic 3axis moving shots
・CNC Machined Solid Aluminum body built to last long
・TOOL Less Jib, Gets assembled by one person in just 5minutes
・Unique Pan and tilt locking mechanism
・Transforms into a slider from a jib in just minutes, saving your time
・Telescopic weight pipe for accurate balance control
・Quality Assurance Guarantee

Capture high angle shots, eye level shots, low angle shots and low level tracking shots just with a single tool!

Earlier the age of filmmaking meant having a big budget, a large truck for transportation and a few people to deal with, but it's all outdated now with our proaim 9ft wave-11 slider jib . As the name suggests, Proaim's new invention proaim wave-11 jib combines with a slider to provide you unlimited shooting opportunities. It is portable, setups quickly by one person with in few minutes and adaptable to all production environments. The Slider Jib is constructed with Hi Strength aluminum and it works with most DSLRs, camcorders and cinema cameras weighing up to 10kg. Unique construction allows you to shift from sliding shots to dynamic crane shots in no time.

Combines the strengths of a slider with the enhanced motion of a jib!!


・Proaim wave-11 jib crane
・4ft slider Track with Level Feets
・Proaim flylite junior pan tilt head
・MA-11 mounting arm
・Stress Cable
・100mm tripod stand
・D-77 dolly
・1 Rope Ratchet
・Free Sand bag


▪ Gives new and creative ways to shoot.
▪ Smooth effortless motion on three axes.
▪ Shoots at height up to 9ft.
▪ Compatible with 100mm bowl tripod stand.
▪ Tool less assembly ensures trouble free operation.
▪ Intuitive knobs for quick lift, rotation and balancing adjustments.
▪ Enables 360 degree panning ability with smooth slides.
▪ Compatible with sandbags, exercise weights & water bottles for counter balancing.

Swooping crane shots and smooth slides in a single tool


▪ Material of jib crane : Aluminum
▪ Head plate : CNC cut
▪ Dimensions of packing bag L x W x H :- 61 x 13 x 9 inch
▪ Slider length : 4ft

A design capable of getting the desired shot


▪ Weight - 2.10kg
▪ Length - 54"
▪ Supports Inverted Operation
▪ Oil-filled Bearings
▪ 3/8" & 1/4'' Male Thread to mount Ball Head or Fluid Head (not included)


The slider platform rides on wheels with bearings, and it is captive in the track bed. This allows you to flip the track over and get that inverted shot without worrying that the carriage will fall off the tracks. The roller bearing trolley system features a side mounted brake that locks your slider on a static position and bubble level measure your horizon. Moreover it has an option for both 3/8" and 1/4" screws on the carrier, so no need for ball heads and fluid head and no camera plate dismantling required, every time you shoot. That saves you from hassle and time.


Level your camera slider on any surface with articulating all terrain legs. Micro-adjustable rubber feet prevents table scratches and makes sure your slider is always perfectly stable on any surface, allowing you to adjust them for uneven surfaces.

Well-built to meet the high demands of the modern filmmakers


Don’t let Jr. in the name fool you. The lineage of ‘built in’ quality design and engineering matches that of its big brother for capability and ease of use. Add industrial grade electronics and remote control operation and you have an unbeatable combination of form and function for cameras 6Kg. or less.

Offers fluid movement along with friction control


▪ The Proaim Flylite Junior Pan-Tilt Head comes with a remote Joystick control system, 32' long Joystick control cable and AC Adapter.
▪ You may run the Joystick from a flat surface like tabletop or attach to the boom arm of Jib.
▪ For Outdoor shooting, you can use 3mtr. long 4pin XLR cable with a 12volt Brick or Car Battery.


The Proaim Two-Stage 100mm Tripod is an extremely stable platform with an incredible height range of 59". The legs incorporate recessed horizontal lock levers that are easily accessible for safe and secure height adjustment. Aluminum tubes having 16mm of diameter are very strong.

An adjustable spreader has strong and flexible elastic clip-down device with tightening knobs, which is secured in seconds. These knobs are made up of high quality rubber with large diameter locking knobs to adjust the length of spreader according to the tripod's length. A tripod is also helpful in achieving precise framing of the image.

Counter balance mechanism ensures you get the desired shoot


▪ Max height - 59"
▪ Mini height - 27"
▪ Load capacity –50 kg
▪ Weight - 5.90 lbs
▪ Leg Lock Type - Locking Knobs
▪ Knobs are made up of high quality rubber
▪ The inbuilt bowl made from pressure die casting.
▪ Strong Aluminum pipe legs
▪ Non Slip rubber feet.


Lightweight Spreader specifically designed to strengthen and add stability to the tripod. It can be used for a wide variety of application by the professional photographers and videographers.

Extremely solid & rigid support for tripod


▪ Maximum length of spreader leg - 24 inches/60.96cm
▪ Minimum length of spreader leg - 14.5 inches/36.83cm
▪ Spreader collapsed height -14.5inches/ 37 cms
▪ Weight of spreader - 1.64 / 3.6
▪ Height of spreader - 1 inches / 2.54cm
▪ Sleek knob for tightening the telescopic extension


Our PROAIM D-77 dolly has unique design in the field of Camera Dollies that enables the user to produce high end quality videos in various ocsscasions. It is very useful piece of Equipment for Independent/ Commercial/ Wedding/ Professional video Makers.


PROAIM wave-11 slider jib comes in protective storage case with easy tote handles.

Packed with quality components


Transforms into a slider from a jib in just seconds

Extends your reach by moving your camera in a more efficient manner

Dramatically sweeps the ground off for dynamic low angle shots
Exclusive of camera , lcd monitor , fluid head , matte box and rod support



型番 P-Wave-11-SD
獲得ポイント 2994